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The Axis forces (2019). Vol. 12:

Libro di   Massimiliano Afiero

The Axis forces (2019). Vol. 12: Libro di  Massimiliano Afiero
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  • Editore: Soldiershop
  • Pubblicazione:20/12/2019
  • Pagine:80 ill.
  • Formato:Libro in brossura
  • ISBN: 9788893275347
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In this issue we wanted to commemorate the 80th anniversary of both the German invasion of Poland and the Soviet invasion of Finland, two events that marked the beginning of World War II. In fact, analyzing the contents of this new issue, we initially find an article on the use of Totenkopf units in Poland in September 1939, a second article on the Soviet invasion of Finland. Then we find the biography of Karl Heinz-Boska by Peter Mooney, the history of the Italian smoke generating units on the Baltic, the use of the SS units during the battle of Kursk in July 1943, the first part of a long and detailed article on the biographies of the Krüger brothers and finally an article dedicated to the Close Combat Clasp.