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Rimini. A guide to its hidden treasures

Libro di   Tommaso Panozzo

Rimini. A guide to its hidden treasures Libro di  Tommaso Panozzo
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This isn't meant to be a traditional guidebook: there are no bus timetables, lists of the best eateries, or the most popular bars and nightclubs. In the age of the app, all that information is just a click away. The scope here is different: to give the visitor a tool to discover the city, not primarily (or at least solely) to tell you what to see, but to give themes and itineraries to follow. Rimini, the fourth most popular tourist city in Italy, the largest stretch of sandy beach on the peninsula with its 250 beachfront facilities and more than one thousand hotels, is, ironically, a difficult city to visit. Many tourists, arriving by plane or train, get sucked in by its 'second city', the seafront, in an ocean of lights, hotels, restaurants, bars and beaches... It's the hedonistic side, and definitely the most well-known part. Many visitors, in fact, are unaware that, on the other side of the railway tracks, there is an ancient, well-worn and secret Rimini. Rimini, in fact, has many sides to it, interweaved over the centuries. This book wants to whet your appetite, and, at the same time, seeks to satisfy it.