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Future humanism. Know thyself

Libro di   Annamaria Rufino

Future humanism. Know thyself Libro di  Annamaria Rufino
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The theme of this pamphlet is the knowledge, reread in its own origins and in the transformations of the middle-global world where the deep meaning appears lost in the conscious awareness. The risks, fears and conflicts that cross the society, especially in its own virtual dimension, seem to affect the sense and memory of the humanistic culture, as conscious relationship between knowledge and reality and then, make us forget the meaning of freedom as common value. Annamaria Rufi no with this pamphlet "throws a stone into a pond, not only for the contemporary melancholy but also for the conventional praise of the only communication, individualization and liberation, of the there is no alternative...". This is not an academic text but a book "against the world position statement as it is, for the world as it could be". (J. Spurk)