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Diid disegno industriale. Ediz. inglese. Vol. 67-69:

Diid disegno industriale. Ediz. inglese. Vol. 67-69: Libro di
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  • Pubblicazione:06/08/2020
  • Pagine:554 ill.
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  • ISBN: 9788832080209
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In the next three issues of the year 2019, diid makes a tribute to the discipline of Design, while opening a space to recognize and understand its perspectives, visions and opportunities. The year 2019 will be the centenary from the foundation of the Bauhaus, where the fundamentals were laid for the construction of the Design discipline, which immediately placed Design at the convergence of other fields of knowledge, those of the arts and techniques, according to its transdisciplinary nature. In the century which stands us from those early days, Design has gradually built its own paradigms, its methods, its own approaches and even its own boundaries, without ever giving up an exploratory capacity that has characterized it as a "young discipline" in the great Olympus of knowledge. The themes launched with the three issues of 2019 open a space for study and debate around the current boundaries of Design as discipline, discovering and narrating its relations, interferences and its "contamination" by the other fields of knowledge. "Design and Technologies", "Design and Arts", "Design and Science" are for researchers, experts and professionals who want to study, learn and share experiences and reflections on the transdisciplinary nature of Design in the near future.