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Libro di   Sean Joseph White

Châtelaillon-Plage Libro di  Sean Joseph White
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A middle-aged man believes he is suffering from a mental health condition. Gilbert Martin can "see" things that others don't and predict the future with disturbing dreams and visions. Whilst on a school holiday to France during his teens, he meets a girl called Margaux on Châtelaillon-Plage. Somehow, she manages to leave the beach with him and since then, she has inhabited his life: he talks to her, he chats with her and she answers back. Seeking a resolution, one way or the other, he decides to write a book about his experiences and uses the interest in his novel to garner the sympathy of the public and to make it easy for him to travel to France where it all began. Will he able to resolve the mystery and to discover if Margaux is real and who is she? A suspense-mystery novel of love, courage and perseverance that will make the reader dwell on how, no matter how extreme the situation someone is going through, life can be a surprising journey.