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The Axis forces (2020). Vol. 16:

Libro di   Massimiliano Afiero

The Axis forces (2020). Vol. 16: Libro di  Massimiliano Afiero
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  • Editore: Soldiershop
  • Pubblicazione:21/12/2020
  • Pagine:80 ill.
  • Formato:Libro in brossura
  • ISBN: 9788893276948
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The contents of this new issue: let's start with the use of the SS cavalry units on the Polish front between 1939 and 1941, mainly engaged as security forces and in the anti-partisan struggle. Following is the biography of Herbert-Otto Gille, one of the most representative figures of the Waffen-SS, regimental, division and army corps commander. We continue with the fourth part of the article dedicated to the employment of the Cossacks in the German armed forces. Let's go back to talking about the units of the Italian Social Republic, in particular the armored group Leonessa, an article accompanied by many unpublished photos. We conclude with a new article dedicated to German anti-tank weapons, talking about anti-tank rifles.